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A genuine passion for protection of the environment is the ethos behind Zipperlen Consulting. The devastating impacts of human activity on our natural resources have been widely acknowledged since the 1970s, yet knowing how quickly we are losing species and habitat has done little to stem the loss. It is clear that simply knowing we are losing biodiversity is not enough to bring about the meaningful policy and legislative change necessary to turn the tide.

Dr Shirley Zipperlen - Economic evaluation of biodiversityAt Zipperlen Consulting we believe that until we can put an economic value on the many intangible services biodiversity brings, meaningful policy change is unlikely. Until we are able to express the impacts of the loss of our precious natural resources in monetary terms, real change will continue to evade us.

Our experience

Dr Shirley Zipperlen combines private-sector business development expertise with proven effectiveness in the fields of environmental policy and planning, community engagement, fund-raising and scientific research for the effective delivery of environmental projects.

Specific public sector experience includes Principal Environmental Policy Officer and Environment Levy Coordinator at the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, and Senior Programme Coordinator with responsibility for business and management planning at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. In addition to her public sector experience, Shirley brings over six years experience in online marketing and web communications as founding Director of Estona Internet Marketing. She has also worked as a business advisor to community groups, as an IT systems analyst and as a mentor to other women in business.  Shirley holds a PhD in Tropical Rainforest Ecology and conducted her fieldwork in Malaysian Borneo through the Royal Society South East Asian Rainforest Research Programme.

Originally from the UK, Shirley lives approximately an hour north of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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Management by measurement

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

The principles of TEEB international provide guidance for biodiversity evaluation across the globe.


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