Environmental policy development services

Background papers, report writing, research & data analysis

Timing can be crucial in implementing positive policy changes. At Zipperlen Consulting we bring a fresh perspective to all stages of the policy development process. When your resources are stretched, rely on us for assistance with:

"Just wanted to contact you to say thanks for your assistance with our recent report to Council. Despite the complex nature of the information you succeeded in developing a rational and convincing paper that was highly readable to the non-specialist. The analysis of our different legal options was particularly clear and concise and the mapping was innovative and eye-catching. We were working to a very tight timeframe but you pulled it together smoothly and professionally. Thanks again for your efforts."
Julie Edwards
, Director of Development Services, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Our experience includes development of the environmental levy policy for the newly amalgamated Sunshine Coast Council, protocol and systems development for evaluation of environmental land for acquisition, and development of a comprehensive discussion paper and report to council protecting a significant landscape in the region. 

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Mainstreaming the economics of nature

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Management by measurement

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

The principles of TEEB international provide guidance for biodiversity evaluation across the globe.


Environmental policy development services

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