NEW! Business Means Biodiversity

Know the bottom line.

Ecosystem services are essential to people, planet and profit. Our planet is currently undergoing huge changes - have you considered the impact on your business?

"Business Means Biodiversity" is an interactive workshop helping business owners identify their dependencies and impacts on ecosystem services, and to plan for the future. Better for business, better for biodiversity. Contact Us to register your interest. 

Women, Business and Biodiversity

Women may be naturally aligned with caring for the planet. How can we bring these energies to business? Check out our article for the Spirited Women's Network here>

EcoFlicks Sponsorship

Calling all budding film makers! Got an environmental message you want to share? EcoFlicks invites you to make a 5 minute movie to share your passion. Zipperlen Consulting is proud to be supporting EcoFlicks as their Online Sponsor. Check out the website here>

TEEB for Policy Makers

In April we ran our first workshop for Local Policy Makers, demonstrating how incorporating the effective evaluation of ecosystem services into project planning can save time and money, improve stakeholder relations and help ensure a successful long term outcome for the environment.

Bring TEEB to your workplace - see Biodiversity valuation training for your workplace to find out more or download the original flyer below.

Download the TEEB Workshop flyer > (PDF 562KB)


It's time for a better outcome.

Biodiversity valuation is our speciality, complemented by policy development, project management and community consultation expertise.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help - call Shirley on 0409 235 432 or use our enquiry form >

Principal areas of expertise

Ecosystem services evaluation - representing the true value of natural areas to improve your funding stream.

Environmental policy development and implementation - solid expertise in public sector policy, planning and budget management.

Data analysis & information management - providing the hard facts and figures to rationalise the decision making process.

Biodiversity valuation

At Zipperlen Consulting we believe good environmental  policy decisions are based on sound facts. If you work in the natural resource management or environmental policy sector you will already know how stiff the competition is for resources. We can help you make your case, get a real handle on the value of the ecosystems and landscapes you manage, and achieve a positive policy or project outcome.

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Mainstreaming the economics of nature

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Management by measurement

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

The principles of TEEB international provide guidance for biodiversity evaluation across the globe.


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